Getting Serious

Time to get serious. I’ve published my first book, A Perfect Night for Murder, and have started working on the second. I know how to be an author, now I have to learn how to be a publicist. Argh! Actually it’s not that bad. I’ve always been comfortable talking with strangers. Still I am sure it will take me some time to get comfortable with this format.

A Perfect Night for Murder started out as a simple project. A couple years ago, friend suggested I post something original on Facebook during the month of February, so I started writing a page or so a day. Every night after dinner, I would sit down and crank out a scene. Soon my friends were commenting on the story, many said they looked forward to each new post. For fun, I started to add some of them into the story. By the end of the 28 days I had the first draft of a good noir mystery, so I decided to flesh it out into a full 60,000 word novel.  Big mistake.I had written a good short story; however, trying to turn it into a full length novel soon became so tedious that I set it aside and started working on other projects.

Fast forward nearly two years. Herself and I were watching CBS Sunday Morning and one segment was a discussion with a major author. During the interview he stated that the short story, long ago abandoned by the publishing industry, was, with the help of the internet and the growth of self-publishing, once again becoming a thriving art form.

That interview started things bubbling in my brain. Luckily I had saved the rough draft of A Perfect Night for Murder on the cloud. Retrieving it, I quickly set about rewriting the manuscript as a short story and within a month it was ready for publication. 


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