My Writing Space

One does not need much in the line of tools to be a writer. Much of my work is accomplished using an inexpensive black ballpoint and classic 200 page composition notebook. I buy both in bulk.

But this being the 21st century, I do have a few other essential tools. My laptop is a Dell Latitude with 4 gigs of ram and a 210 gig hard drive. I picked it up off eBay for $125 including shipping – it came with the power supply and a docking station.

For the vast majority of my writing I use MS Word 2016. I’ve been a fan of Word since 6.0 was introduced in 1993. Word 2016 is, in my estimation, the best word processing program out there. I especially like the newest iteration of their thesaurus. It’s nearly as comprehensive as my Synonym Finder and is quick and easy to use. Formatting is also easy and translates to Amazon Kindle nicely.

I have two printers. My trusty Brother laser printer for large volume manuscript printing and a HP color scanner/printer for special projects and the like. Add a inexpensive wireless mouse and there you have it. Everything one needs to write the great American novel.

I must point out there is a Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter hiding behind the laptop, underneath the Brother printer. More about that in a future post.  writing-space


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