Dreaming my Life Away

Over the long weekend, I worked on the outline for my next Joe DuBois novel, Fool’s Errand. I had a fairly good premise but something just wasn’t there. On Sunday, after several fruitless hours of effort, I decided to short nap. With less than six hours sleep the night before due to New Year’s merrymaking, I just could not get the words to flow.

Stretching out on the couch, I was soon joined by three of our five cats. According to Herself, I slept about three hours. So what does that have to do with writing you ask. During a portion of my nap I was in that ethereal place where magic happens. Neither awake nor asleep, I watched my story unfold. Some people call this lucid dreaming.

I often dream about my plots at night but am often unable to recall much of the detail. From the half-waking state, I am able to vividly recall the images and translate them to paper. In this case, I clearly visualized the plot from beginning to end. When I returned to my writing, I was able to produce over 2,000 words with little trouble.

As a writer, one should not only pay attention to dreams, but work at cultivating and developing the ability.


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