Another Snow Day and Thoughts on being a Writer

Or to be more precise, an ice day. Awoke this morning to a balmy 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Yesterday’s snow had become a crystalline blanket covering ground and trees, while yesterday’s slush had become thick gray sheets of ice on the roads and sidewalks making travel even more difficult.

Thoughts on being a Writer

For many years I have pondered the phrase “artist and writers”. Why the two separate designations? Consider the word “artist”. What comes to mind for most people is when they hear the word is a visual artist, the painter. Dancers are also considered artist as are musicians, photographers, actors, and sculptors. Why is it that writers and poets are considered separately?

Webster defines artist as

  1. a. one who professes and practices an imaginative art  b.a person who creates art : a person who is skilled at drawing, painting, etc.
  2. a skilled performer

“One who professes and practices an imaginative art.”, “A person who creates art.” Writing a novel is an imaginative exercise to say the least. One must create an entire world in one’s mind. The rules of that world may be vastly different from the rules of the world in which we live. The worlds of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings for example. On the other hand, the rules of a novel may be ever so subtlety difference in such novels as The Grapes of Wrath or The Maltese Falcon. In either case, these worlds spring from the imagination of the author.

I wish to draw no conclusions from this train of thought, one to which I will return on occasion. For now I ask you only that you consider how you view the terms artist and writer.





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