The Contract between Author and Reader

Writers, more specifically those who pen fiction, are liars. The stories we tell are nothing more than elaborate lies, and as such, the job of the writer is to give these falsehoods the semblance of truth. We strive to convince the reader to accept our lie as the truth.
There is a contract between author and reader often called the willing suspension of disbelief: the willingness to suspend one’s critical faculties and believe the unbelievable. To put it in other words. the author/reader contract is one in which the author agrees to create an entertaining and possibly enlightening lie and the reader agrees to sacrifice the sense of realism and logic and believe the lie for the sake of enjoyment and the possibility of illumination.
As I sit contemplating the concept, I cannot help but consider this contract in the context of the recent presidential election. A large portion of the voting public willingly sacrificed their sense of realism and logic for the sake of . . . what I do not know. They believe there is a contract between themselves and the fascist regime they have chosen to put into power. They will soon learn that there is no contract, and as a result. we will all suffer for their mistaken belief.


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