Writers have a love/hate relationship with reviews. We need, I would even say crave a good critique. A well written review, one which points out weakness as well as strengths, is, for me at least, a gift beyond measure. I treasure a good, honest review from someone who understands the complexities of the written word. The very last thing I want is for someone to blow smoke up my skirt. (Where did that phrase come from? )

Yes it is painful to be told the story that you have spent hours writing and rewriting sucks. but how else can you improve? I love constructive criticism, especially when it comes from a knowledgeable source. The key word here is constructive. Please point out scenes that do not work, characters that are two-dimensional, writing that appears forced. I may not always agree with my critiques, but I always, always appreciate the fact that they took the time to read my work and comment on it.


One thought on “Reviews

  1. One of my favorite parts of “A Perfect Night for Murder” – besides the title (so good!) – is the bit about the bird at the end of chapter 6. Lovely!

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