Characters part 1

Today was spent coming up with character names. Sounds like a simple project but for me at least, it is somewhat of a production. Names are an important of any story. I believe a good character name invokes an image in the mind of the reader. Perry Mason always built a solid defense, a wall to protect his client from prosecutor Paul Drake who could never get his ducks in a row. We all know that Sam Spade will dig up the the treasure for fat man, Caspar Gutman. (Casper – a Middle Eastern name meaning treasurer)

Yes, I’m rambling. It been a long day. My point is character names are an important and often overlooked part of the writer’s craft. A good writer should take the time to come up with a name that fits each character in they story, no matter how small their part.

Now I think it’s time for some sleep – maybe tomorrow I will be lucid.


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