Characters – Part 2

Do your characters sometimes seem to have a mind of their own? Mine often do. Last night I was working on a short scene where my protagonist, Jo DuBois, enters a restaurant to get a bite and consider her current problem. As she walked in, she met new character, Benny Chung, an erstwhile promoter and errand girl for the Tongs. I have no idea where Benny came from. She just appeared out of nowhere, barged into the narrative, changed the entire notion of the scene, and added a twist to the story I hadn’t previously considered.

Of course I know Benny came from somewhere in my imagination, a fragment of a memory of something I have read or seen. Still I found it interesting how she quickly grew and developed into a three-dimensional character within the course of a few paragraphs. I found myself describing her appearance in detail and the way her face subtly revealed her thoughts to my sleuth. She took charge of the scene turning it from a simple plot exposition to a motivating plot twist. I am sure Benny is destined to become a regular player in the series.



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