A Gift or a Curse

I am exhausted. Up at 05:45, shower, cook breakfast – one scrambled egg and one slice of bacon with coffee – put lunch together and out the door at 07:00 for the two-mile walk to work. I at my desk at 07:30. By the time I leave at 16:30 I’ve put in another two miles on camp. Arrive home at 17:00 and set about making dinner. – 4 oz of beef with a few potatoes – deal with a few chores. By now it’s 19:30 and time to get some writing in.

I really don’t want to sit and write. I would prefer to crash on the couch and doze while some mindless television program drones on and on. I want to turn my mind off and forget about the illegitimate fascist totalitarian regime currently in control of the nation. I want to do nothing… but I can’t. I’m a writer. I need to work on my current project. If I take today day off, then it will be ok to take the next, and the next, and.. well you get the picture.

Sometimes I wonder if being a writer is a gift or a curse.


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