The Circle

I have spent the past few days happily enclosed in my circle of friends. Friday evening, Herself and I enjoyed dinner and a play with our six closest friends. We enjoyed a superb meal accompanied by an excellent wine. The show was the opening of “Noises Off” at the Oregon Cabaret, and among the cast were three more good friends. It was raucous good fun.

Saturday evening, the same crew met for a music party at 8:00. Other friends soon joined us and at one point during the evening, there 25 people playing guitars, mandolins, whistles, fiddles, bodhrans and even a couple of harps, all in an average sized living room. We sang old favorites, some written by friends in the circle. There were songs from the last century, songs of Ireland, and songs from the old west. We sang blues. We sang happy war songs and sad love songs. We sang and laughed and told stories until nearly 2:00 am, and in doing so, our hearts were lifted and our souls refreshed.


It is important for artist to consort with other artist, especially during these troubled times when our freedom to create is on the line. If you are a writer, my advice to you is seek out the artists of your community. Not just other writers, but painters, musicians, actors, dancers, and poets. Make them a part of your circle. Inspire and support them and they will inspire and support you.



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